Temporary power pole rental near me

Our portable restrooms feature environmentally friendly recycled paper products and low-flow sinks and toilets. Perfect for special events, weddings, black tie events, dinner events, VIP restrooms and much more.

Contact us to get a quote for the prefect restroom trailer solution. Porta Potty Restroom. Portable VIP Restroom.

temporary power pole rental near me

Perfect for special events, outdoor weddings, sporting events, dinner events, VIP restrooms and much more. High Rise Porta Potty. Deluxe Porta Potty. Temporary Poles. Temporary Service Drops. From the DIY home projects to large scale construction jobs, we have the right temporary solution for you. VIP Flushing Restrooms.

temporary power pole rental near me

Get the best portable restrooms and temporary site services available for your film or TV production. Contact us to get a quote and save time looking around. We have the best ADA compliant restrooms in the industry. Ideal for special events, weddings and much more. Contact us to get a quote for the perfect ADA restroom solution. Give us a call! Download Brochure. Get a Quote. Andy Gump will liaise with first responders to help save lives. Our drivers are experienced with the care needed for sporting events.

We have supplied equipment to many marathons in Southern California. Related Products. Andy Gump Porta Potty. Single Portable Restroom. Portable Sink Rentals.When general contractors need a reliable temporary power solution, they call National Construction Rentals.

temporary power pole rental near me

For more than two decades, National has assisted with temporary power installations for single family residences, commercial construction developments, and public works projects. Simply put, National Construction Rentals is the preferred choice of construction professionals for experienced temporary power design and installation in California and southern Nevada. From a simple overhead or below ground installation, to meter poles, sub poles, black diamonds, switch gear, spider boxes, transformers, distribution equipment and more, National offers a full range of temporary power products and services.

Need increased amperage, custom configurations, permitting, telephone wiring, or lighting? National has you covered and will get your project planned, permitted, and online so you can get your job site running smoothly, on time and within budget. The most requested, most used and most cost-effective temporary power configuration is overhead power distribution. Overhead configurations are usually combined with stringer poles, sub-poles, and more. For underground temporary power systems, National will expertly design, trench, lay conduit and pull wire for the safest and most optimum configuration for your specific needs.

Temporary Power & Construction Services

Need power for a construction trailer, power tools, lighting, security systems, and more? National will work with you to provide the best solution for your specific project needs. The best result of any power installation is with a solid, well thought out design. Our consultants will work with you to ensure to ensure a well-organized strategy for proper power distribution. Sub poles are available in a variety of amperages including: amp, amp, amp, amp, and amp.

For more information, click the Request a Quote tab on this page. Meter poles vary depending on the needs of the project and the equipment be used at the site.

Our power professionals will suggest and design the best system for your construction plans. The installation and use of stand-up electrical cabinets are suggested whenever there is a need for additional power requirements. Cabinets allow for the use of additional breakers and the ability to draw more power for your project.

Big project require the right planning. Let National Construction Rentals show you the best plans for your next project. Beyond power, National Construction Rentals also offers the convenience of phone wiring services that can assist in the early stages of your construction site. Phone wiring done in tandem with a power installation can reduce time, materials and complexities of adding items down the line.

For evening-hours work and after-hours security, National has the available option of including lighting to our power poles for added safety and well-being.

Lighting helps deter unwanted visitors and provide piece of mind when tools, equipment and valuable inventory remain onsite during off hours. Construction jobsites require a variety of power needs. Construction trailers and onsite equipment hand tools, lighting, etc. National offers three types of transformers that can be used as a power source. National understands that no two projects are ever the same and unique specs sometimes require one-off customization.

Working with your power professionals, you will be confident that National can assist you with custom designs for nearly any need. We are here to provide you with complete termpoary power solutions. National Construction Rentals understands the intricacies involved in smart project design. The wrong design can not only cause unnecessary delays but could add thousands of dollars in wasteful design and configuration costs.

Work with a power provider that has years of proven experience and the expertise to keep your jobsite on schedule and on budget.

National has provided temporary power services to California and Nevada businesses for nearly three decades, providing installations for commercial construction, housing developments, remodels and tenant improvements, public works projects and more.General Information: Emergency Contact: Email: contactus powerplus.

For more than 30 years, Power Plus has been designing and installing temporary power systems for the construction industry. Whether residential homes, commercial developments or civil engineering projects, we are the power experts and our crews have the experience, resources and equipment to provide you with the temporary power system you need.

In just the past 10 years Power Plus has installed overpower poles and hung over 21 million feet of electrical wire. Capable of delivering a range of power from volts to 33, volts, our estimators and power engineers consistently design and deliver innovative, on-time power solutions for many of the biggest contracting companies in the world.

And, with a nation-wide fleet of portable rental generators, we are your single source supplier for all your power needs. The most cost efficient solution for temporary power is usually through overhead distribution.

Our temp power teams have the experience, equipment and resources to handle any size project. Our engineering teams design the system to meet your specifications and power requirements while working within your budget and time frame.

From amps to amps, for jobsite trailers and power for production to elevator testing and rock crushing plants, no job is too big - or too small!

For projects that require temporary power to be routed underground, our temp power team has you covered. Combined with our in-house engineering design group, we can provide an underground power solution from start to finish.

Is your utility source far away? Are you running expensive, diesel drinking generators to provide your temporary power? Our utility engineering and installation teams have delivered 4, volt, 12, volt and 33, volt systems from 1, feet to several miles away to bring utility grade, reliable power at a dramatic cost savings. From amp caged load centers and spider boxes to remote generator connections, Power Plus has the right solution to bring you power when you need it, where you need it.

Our temp power crews are experienced phone and data technicians as well. Our temp power facilities stock a large number of meter cabinets, switch gear, transformers and other electrical equipment. Whether your need is to purchase or rent, we will provide the equipment and qualified technicians to ensure a professional installation, connection, and when the job is complete, efficient removal of the temporary system.

Temporary power is often a forgotten, yet costly, element of a prime contractors overall bid. We have experienced estimators and resources available to review plans, evaluate power requirements, locate available sources and even produce a preliminary design to get you a realistic budget number for your temp power requirements.

Waiting in line to pull permits and to pay utility connection fees can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Let our competent administrative staff carry that burden for you.

Temporary Power

As part of our temp power turn-key solutions, we have developed a comprehensive service to acquire the necessary permits for your onsite temporary power needs. Our staff has the experience, knowledge and relationships necessary to expedite the process and get your temp power connected as quickly and efficiently as possible. We Offer Various Temporary Power Services: Overhead Solutions The most cost efficient solution for temporary power is usually through overhead distribution.

Underground Solutions For projects that require temporary power to be routed underground, our temp power team has you covered. Ground Cord Solutions From amp caged load centers and spider boxes to remote generator connections, Power Plus has the right solution to bring you power when you need it, where you need it. Switch Gear ampamp Our temp power facilities stock a large number of meter cabinets, switch gear, transformers and other electrical equipment. Budget Bids Temporary power is often a forgotten, yet costly, element of a prime contractors overall bid.

Temporary Power. Utility Grade Services.

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See Our Work in Action. What Needs Power? Project or Job Location?Please enable location sharing in your browser settings and try again. Get your Temporary Power Rentals from the name you trust for portable toilet rentals and temporary fencing.

Our skilled teams of temporary power rental technicians will be sure to get your site or event up and running with ease.

temporary power pole rental near me

Using only the best temporary power rental equipment including temporary power pole rentals and generator rentals offered in CA, you will be sure to keep your project on course and your event going strong. At USS, we deliver our best so you can deliver yours! We have appreciated their attention to detail in working with us for the planning of our event, the Denver Marathon, and especially for their services provided on race day.

Got a hold of me right away, listened to what I needed and got me what I needed. Understood my budget and got me the toilets at a very reasonable price. The staff in the San Jose office were very nice and easy to deal with.

Temporary Power Pole Rental

I plan to work with this service many times in the future for my event planning business! I would definitely call them again should I need a porta-potty. Your equipment that you provided was clean, up to date and well stocked. Everything arrived on time and was set up with no problem and to specification. During that time we have contracted with United Site Services, Inc. Our relationship with the local United Site Services personnel is a large part of the success of these events, as everyone from the Regional VP to the guys on the pump trucks roll up their sleeves and work for a week straight to make sure sewage is NOT one of the problems at NHMS, regardless of the weather.

This featured the U. You provided highly valuable support that contributed to the safe and secure environment, so more thanguests could enjoy this fantastic, thrilling air show. They were here when they said they would be here, they were friendly and very helpful. They were very professional and treated us the same as if we were a large company or project. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you United Site Services.

I cannot tell you how often we were complimented on the quality of your portables placed in our parking lot.

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Our Boy Scouts also appreciated the comfort you provided. And that is coming from some well seasoned scouts and adults. Your company does a great job with a service most people would like to forget. I know that with the current market conditions, price is first and foremost in making the decision on who to go with. I do believe if you end up choosing United you will not be disappointed. Get a Quote.Please enable location sharing in your browser settings and try again.

A temporary power pole, along with other temporary power services, are far from a commodity.

All temporary power services providers are different, and it is no secret that United Site Services provides the best quality equipment, the finest customer service, and the most affordable rates around.

United Site Services provides temporary power services wherever you need it, when you need it.

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This includes both commercial and residential applications and a wide variety of added benefits including:. United Site Services is a top industry provider of temporary power pole rentals and temporary power services in California and has built a reputation for being reliable, affordable, and professional. We are confident we can exceed your expectations and earn your trust quickly because our team is dedicated to your success and will go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are met.

Each of our skilled technicians is drug tested, background checked, fully licensed, and highly trained so you can rest assured your temporary power poles will be installed correctly and on-time.

DIY Electrical Service Installation with 200 Amp main breaker

Our installers work in a variety weather conditions and prioritize safety and client satisfaction above all else. On delivery day, our installers will coordinate with your team to make sure the temporary power poles are installed in the correct location and meet your standards.

Temporary power pole rentals are like-new equipment and depending on your needs may include the following:. Get a Quote.Eliminating the disease to please others is a metaphor for life as much as it is for your social media networks.

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